Hunger Facts

Hunger Study 2014

The Hunger in America 2014 study, conducted by Feeding America, is completed every four years, surveying the food pantries and feeding programs in the Northern Illinois Food Bank network and the people who seek food assistance from them.

How many people are served by Northern Illinois Food Bank?

  • 590,400 people are served annually
  • 71,500 people are served weekly

Here is a snapshot of who Northern Illinois Food Bank serves:


  • 36% are children under age 18
  • 15% are adults age 18-29
  • 26% are adults from age 30-49
  • 13% are adults age 50-59
  • 9% are seniors age 60 and older


  • 57% of households have unpaid medical bills
  • 53% of households report at least one member with high blood pressure
  • 226% of households report at least one member with diabetes

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